Vboard - Fiber Cement Boards

Quick, affordable, and durable construction with Fiber Cement Boards

Fibre cement boards have taken the international market by storm. Its robust portfolio of advantages have been widely endorsed and appreciated by architects and customers worldwide, many of whom are replacing conventional building products with fibre cement board solutions. Vnext Boards have been used in some of the most iconic buildings of our time because they save time and money, are safer, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Vnext Boards are non-asbestos, autoclaved, fibre cement boards manufactured using the Hatschek process and High Pressure Steam Curing (HPSC) technology. Vnext Boards have the composite matrix of non-asbestos cellulose fibres, ordinary portland cement, fine silica, quartz, fly ash, and mineral additives. Vnext Boards are manufactured as per IS 14862-2000 norms and come with textured surface finishes, to meet the requirements of modern building applications.

With Vnext Boards, we have taken this fibre cement board phenomenon for interiors and exteriors, to the next level. Make way for an eco-friendly and weather resistant living because here is a game-changer, giving the construction industry the facelift it so urgently needs.



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